VTS Co-op Program: Phase 8 Social Media & Web Ads    (Begins: June 18, 2015)

Thank you for your interest in the City of Daytona Beach Shores official Video Marketing Campaign which was created to market our unique beachside community as the place for family, friends and fun! Visit The Shores is a co-op partnership between Shores-based businesses and local government. Each season we offer banner ad placement on the official promotional website: www.VisitTheShores.com. VTS is looking to gain a wider reach in 2015 through social media ad placement and video optimization.The City may air promos on the social media page, television commercials, radio ads and web videos (with targeted landing pages for each event) along with our 2-minute travel video.

If you are a Daytona Beach Shores-based business, we invite you to join this campaign. CLICK here to view the VISIT THE SHORES "2015 Summer AD OFFER" and ad specs template to create the perfect banner that will lead to your site!

If you are interested in how this video co-op marketing campaign can help your business.  Call Ad Sales (386) 788-1596.

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Visit The Shores

City of Daytona Beach Shores Video Marketing Project

 Call Advertising Sales c/o New Vision Videos LLC (386) 788-1596

Summer: Beach Lifestyle, Waterways, Boating and Fishing

FALL:  Pickle Ball Tournaments, Vacation Plan Destination

WINTER: Christmas at the Beach

SPRINGTIME: Golf, Tennis, Surfing and more!


VISIT THE SHORES Video Advertising Campaign

  • Promotes our unique beach community, share community information
  • Relates to destination travel, rotates each three-month period
  • Increases brand engagement with website landing page call to action
  • Targets visitor interests with interactive content, banner ads and videos
  • Video playback capability of TV commercials and Youtube.com channel

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